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Menu Planning | Annette's Cooking Menu Planning

When I set out on my journey to capture family recipes, I knew there was more to it than merely jotting down the ingredients and steps I used to create a dish. There are so many things to consider when cooking, which is likely why most people hate to cook.

That’s why I decided to share Menu Planning ideas with every recipe and in special articles. These are the very things that I consider when creating a dish or planning a meal, whether for my family of three or for large family gatherings and parties with friends.

Be on the lookout for Menu Planning in recipes and in this section of Annette’s Cooking website. You’ll find some recommendations on ways to use ingredients you may already have and need to use up. There are also valuable tips for storing leftovers and ways to use them up without wasting. I even share ideas on cool ways to serve your culinary masterpieces.

I’m adding new things all the time, so be sure to visit often. And I invite you to share any ideas you have. I’m always ready to try something new.

Here’s to creating a delectably curated meal. Enjoy!

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