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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Annette, and I live in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area with my husband, Scott; my son, Alex; and my two furry, four-legged sons, Peanut and Ziggy. Together, we all welcome you to Annette’s Cooking.

As a second-generation Japanese with a maiden name of Champagne, it’s not hard to imagine the stark contrast in cultures and cuisines I had growing up.

I learned to navigate the maze of Japanese traditions, etiquette, and perpetual quest for precision from my mother. On the dining table, she always made sure we had rice. Spaghetti sauce with rice. Sure, why not? No matter what it was, she served food with a lavish visual presentation and always with a lesson. From centuries-old customs to table manners to why I must prepare for the day I go blind (which I’m not) — you name it, we learned it at the dinner table.

From my French-speaking L’Acadiane father (yup, he’s a Cajun), I learned the value of being strong and working hard … every day, and all day. In the kitchen, he taught me the true cornerstones of Cajun and Creole cooking, as well as the art of mustgoes cooking — open the fridge and everything that must-go, goes into the pot. Without fail, he’d produce some unique combinations that always tasted great.

With that kind of lineage and upbringing, it’s no wonder food plays a such significant role in my life. I don’t, however, like to cook … I LOVE to create. I’ve been creating and adding my own twist to meals for years. And I’ve rarely used a measurement … until now.

After years of people asking, “how did you make that?” or “can I have the recipe for that?” I’ve decided to start capturing the details of what I put in the pot every time I cook. It may be a traditional dish I had growing up, a recreation of something I had in restaurant, or a sheer mustgoes creation we had for dinner that day. For all, though, I’m writing down the recipe and sharing with everyone (note that I don’t profess to be any kind of photographer, so images more than likely won’t do the dish justice).

I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey to capture recipes as I prepare family meals. This is everyday home cooking at its absolute best — from my kitchen to yours.

Tie on your apron and enjoy!

Annete's Cooking

Through ACS Home Accents, Annette shares her passion for everyday living — cooking, decorating, entertaining, organizing, crafting, and more. Annette’s Cooking is an ACS Home Accents company.

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