Hawaiian Spam Sliders

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Packed full of the sweet and spicy flavors of Hawaii’s favorite canned Spam® and Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit pickles, these are bite-sized deliciousness that your family and friends will gobble up in no time.

Hawaiian Spam Sliders

I had a version of these bite-sized delights in restaurant on Folly Beach, South Carolina, last year. I half-jokingly ordered them just because they had Spam in them. Well, the joke was on me, because they were awesomely flavorful and delicious. It’s no wonder Hawaiian’s eat more than 7-millions cans of Spam every year. It’s so tasty.

While I’m not sure what the restaurant used in their sliders, these recreations come awfully close to the goodness I had on the beach that day. And they’re so simple to make. Pan fry slices of Spam and assemble with all other ingredients on Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Hawaiian Spam Sliders

There are few recipes where exact brands make all the difference, and this is one of them. I recommend that you stick with these brand choices for this recipe.

Spam Luncheon Meat, of course, is a must. Another must-have is Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit pickle chips. These have a little kick to them, yet I don’t find they burn your taste buds like some hot spices do. And finally, Terry Ho’s Yum Yum Sauce complements all the flavors in these sliders.

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  • Cutting dinner rolls with a chef or utility knife is likely to flatten or squish the bread. Consider using a serrated bread knife to maintain the bread’s shape. One of the best, used by many professionals, is the Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10” bread knife. Its top quality will last for years.
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  • These sliders make for a fulfilling dinner or lunch. Complete the meal by serving with side of potato salad, or a small green salad.
  • Serve as a side with a heaping bowl of hot, homemade soup.
  • Sliders make perfect hors d’oeuvres for holidays, family gatherings, wedding showers, and other type of parties. Make just before guests arrive and set out generous portions on a serving platter. If serving with other appetizers, plan for 2 – 3 sliders per guest.
  • If serving as an entrée, plan for 3 – 4 sliders per person.
  • If you decide to make a smaller batch of sliders, store any unused Spam in the fridge for up to 5 days.
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  • There’s a distinct sweetness in Hawaiian dinner rolls, which is why I recommend them for this recipe. However, if you can’t find them in the store or prefer a less sweet taste, regular dinner rolls make a great substitute.
  • There are other flavored Spam choices, which may be good substitutes. I haven’t tried them yet, though the bacon and black pepper flavors sound yummy. Drop me a note if you try one of these flavors — I’d love to hear how they taste.
Hawaiian Spam Sliders

Hawaiian Spam Sliders

Recipe by Annette (•‿•)

Packed full of sweet and spicy flavors, your family and friends will gobble up these delicious Spam sliders in no time.

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  • 1 12-ounce can 1 12-ounce Spam luncheon meat

  • 1 jar 1 Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit pickle chips

  • 12 12 Hawaiian sweet rolls

  • 1/2 cup 1/2 Terry Ho’s Yum Yum Sauce

  • 12 slices 12 muenster cheese (optional)


  • Cut Spam in half height-wise, and then cut each half section into 6 (about ½” thick) squared slices.
  • Heat about 3 tablespoons oil in a heavy fry pan. Place Spam in pan and brown for about 2 ½ minutes on each side.
  • Using a bread knife, slice sweet rolls in half, separating tops and bottoms.
  • Set a piece of brown Spam, 1 – 2 pickle chips, and a slice of muenster on roll bottoms. Drizzle 2 – 3 teaspoons Yum Yum sauce over the top of and cover with top of dinner rolls.
  • Garnish plate with extra pickle chips, as desired.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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